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Jan 25

Fishing Tackle 18th Century Style 4

The industrial revolution brought with it rapid advances in the production of fly fishing tackle. Ironically, though the manufactured lines manufacture brought a new set of problems in their wake. The late 18th century saw the appearance of lines woven from silk and horsehair and by the early 19th twisted and plaited silk lines had …

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Jan 18

Mr Sandy Dickson


Good morning all … Mr Dickson paid a wee visit to our FlyTying club on Wed evening. Sandy shared some of his latest Salmon fly designs along with his excellent ‘Blank Busters’ Forum member ‘Scootavon’ & ‘ChrisGrayling’ also tied some bugs on the evening …  Thanks again to Sandy for coming along, hope to see …

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Jan 05


Leeds FDG -9th January 2013

The next special guest speaker at the Leeds Branch of the FDG: Stuart Crofts Stuart is going to tie his latest flies and talk about dry fly fishing. If you want to know about Tenkara, Stuart will have the answers. More details: Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Dec 11

Fly Casting in the Wind

One thing you need to think about when fly fishing is casting when the wind is blowing across your body, and how to make side casts and backhanded fly casts. Once you’ve learned the overhead cast (see previous blogs on the topic), it’s easier to understand how a conventional 90 degree casting arc can be …

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Dec 04

Roll Casting 2

One of the top fly fishing techniques is roll casting, which we introduced you to last time. The single handed roll cast technique is the exact opposite of what you use for straight line casts. It depend almost entirely on a fast, snappy wrist action. First you form a “D” loop by tilted the rod …

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Dec 03


Leeds FDG – 5th December 2012

The next special Guest speaker is Melvyn Wood talking on: “Lough fishing for wild fish in wild places and the fly’s to catch them”.  This will be of interest to all of us who fish for Salmon, Sea Trout, and Brown Trout.   West Park Rugby Club at 7:30pm, everyone welcome.   More information:   Share this …

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Nov 19


Leeds FDG – 21st November 2012

Beginners tying class: Plamered Hackles Griffiths gnat and Soldier Plamer Intermediate tying class: Ballon Caddis and Cutwing Caddis West Park Rugby Club, Bramhope. 7:30pm Everyone welcome   Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Nov 16

Elliptical Casting 3

Elliptical casting in fly fishing is mainly, though not exclusively, a European development. American fly casters like Lefty Kreh, who is known for his perfect saltwater fly fishing technique, recognised it as a useful technique. One of the reasons he was so keen on elliptical/oval casting is to get beneath strong winds. It was the …

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Nov 12


Leeds FDG – 14th November 2012


Intermediate Fly tying course patterns: Gosling Adams Everyone welcome. 7:30pm, West Park Rugby Club   Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Nov 11


Small Salmon Flies

Been thinking about and tying some small salmon flies recently.  What is the smallest size hooks you use for salmon flies and what patterns? Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Nov 06


LFDG- 7-11-2012

Tomorrow night the Leeds Branch of The Flydressers’ Guild will be hosting the second guest speaker of their winter season. Ben Dobson from Stocks Reservoir and bank House Fishery will be talking about aspects of reservoir fishing. Everyone welcome (£5 per person including a light buffet) West Park Rugby Club 7:30pm start. Further details available at: …

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Oct 02


Leeds Branch FDG Meeting about to start

Tomorrow evening the Leeds Branch of the FDG start their new winter programme .  It all knick off with a special guest of Paul Procter (, talking about flies that catch him fish. Everyone welcome.  More information available at: Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Sep 22

Fly fishing rods

In fly fishing rods are generally between 1.8 m (6 ft) long for freshwater fishing and up to 4.5 m (15 ft) long for two-handed fishing for salmon and so on, or for certain species in small streams. On average, a rod for freshwater or saltwater is around 9 feet (2.7 m) long and weighs …

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Sep 17


Fly tying courses and speakers

Anyone living in or around Leeds, the local branch of the FDG will soon be starting their activities again.  Beginners and experienced alike, everyone is welcome, lots of Semperfli materials on show and being used. Click on below advert for more information: LFDG advert Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Aug 31

Types of fly fishing

Even a novice to fly fishing will know at least some of what we’re about to say here, though hopefully you will discover some useful new knowledge as well. In the most basic terms, we use an artificial ‘fly’  to catch fish. We cast  using a fly rod, reel, and specialised weighted line. But to …

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Jul 24

Fly Fishing Gear Line Alphabet: 2

The choice of line as part of your fly fishing gear is manifold and complex, but if you read our blogs on the subject you will hopefully start to get a good idea about how to approach the subject and get the best tackle to suit your needs. Last time we spoke about DT, WF …

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Jul 23


National Fishing Month


Getting ready for next Saturday at Penrith after last weekend at Chester.  Call in if you’re nearby. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Jul 22

Fly Fishing Gear Line Alphabet: 1

It goes without saying that you need right fly fishing gear for what you are trying to achieve. This is as true for the humble fly line as it is for rods, reels, lures and flies. The size and type of fly lines all comes into play. Different companies such as Scientific Anglers, Cortland, AirFlo, …

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Jul 21

Evolution of Fly Fishing: 8

Last time we spoke about more rigid attitudes about what was and was not correct in fly fishing. But Scandinavia and the United States, definitions were not so rigid and both we and dry techniques were simply adapted to the conditions in each country. In Scandanavia silk replaced horse hair lines and were heavy enough …

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Jul 04

Prince Henry Grammar School Fly Tying Course

** Reminder….   Tonight’s (4th July) class is a fishing evening at Beaverdyke reservoir, off penny pot lane, near Mwth hill. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

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