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Leeds Branch FDG Meeting about to start

Tomorrow evening the Leeds Branch of the FDG start their new winter programme .  It all knick off with a special guest of Paul Procter (, talking about flies that catch him fish. Everyone welcome.  More information available at: Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Fly tying courses and speakers

Anyone living in or around Leeds, the local branch of the FDG will soon be starting their activities again.  Beginners and experienced alike, everyone is welcome, lots of Semperfli materials on show and being used. Click on below advert for more information: LFDG advert Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Types of fly fishing

Even a novice to fly fishing will know at least some of what we’re about to say here, though hopefully you will discover some useful new knowledge as well. In the most basic terms, we use an artificial ‘fly’  to catch fish. We cast  using a fly rod, reel, and specialised weighted line. But to […]

Fly Fishing Gear Line Alphabet: 2

The choice of line as part of your fly fishing gear is manifold and complex, but if you read our blogs on the subject you will hopefully start to get a good idea about how to approach the subject and get the best tackle to suit your needs. Last time we spoke about DT, WF […]

National Fishing Month

Getting ready for next Saturday at Penrith after last weekend at Chester.  Call in if you’re nearby. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Fly Fishing Gear Line Alphabet: 1

It goes without saying that you need right fly fishing gear for what you are trying to achieve. This is as true for the humble fly line as it is for rods, reels, lures and flies. The size and type of fly lines all comes into play. Different companies such as Scientific Anglers, Cortland, AirFlo, […]

Evolution of Fly Fishing: 8

Last time we spoke about more rigid attitudes about what was and was not correct in fly fishing. But Scandinavia and the United States, definitions were not so rigid and both we and dry techniques were simply adapted to the conditions in each country. In Scandanavia silk replaced horse hair lines and were heavy enough […]

Taking Care of Your Fly Fishing Line

Modern lines for fly fishing have evolved exponentially over decades. But even with the space age materials used in its construction, a fly line is not indestructible. By taking a few reasonable precautions you will extend the life of your line. The appearance of small radial cracks in the finish coating are first visual clue […]

Semperfli 6 finger scissors

Spent part of the day today tying more V-wing emergers with the Yellow nano silk and B-Bond bodies. I used the Sempergli 6 finger fly tying scissors through-out the sessions.  A really great set of scissors that fit comfortably into the hand and the over sized finger loop allows them to sit in the hand through-out […]

What to do in all the wet

I know I’m waterproof, however after walking the dogs in the torrential rain this morning, the thoughts of fishing soon drifted away whilst enjoying breakfast and coffee.  What to do instead?  Ah, the tying room calls.  bit of a tidy up of materials after the last few weeks bumper sessions.  New materials filed away and then ………. […]


  Welcome to our new fly fishing blog, a single resource for all things fly fishing related. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Fishing today

The weather looks favourable this morning, even though there were dark skies to the north over the dales. Gear was packed into the car and I ventured up Nidderdale.  Standing by the roadside looking over the wall, the reservoir didn’t look quite so inviting with the wind and rain blowing along the water.  Casting might […]

Leeds FDG AGM – 28th March 2012

Tomorrow evening at 7:30pm is the last of this sessions meeting being the AGM. Everyone welcome. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Semperfli Ultrafine Fly Tying Ribbing Wires Released – Probably The Largest Range In The World

After working with our professional tyers and a specialist wire manufacturer we are pleased to release a new range of fly tying wires for the fly tyer. Just 0.1mm diameter these are supple and will tie the daintiest of dry flies to lures and streamers or saltwater patterns. We had a range of fly tying […]