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Rain, rain and more rain

With it raining like mad here in Yorkshire, a quick scan of the river levels via the web: Shows the rivers starting to rise and react to all of the water. Are you planning a fishing trip? and how do you think the rain will affect it?  Let us know. Share this With Other […]

The Rare Art of Salmon Fly Fishing

To most of us no fish captures the imagination more than the Atlantic salmon, the king of fish, with salmon fly fishing being a truly enjoyable and challenging sport. Unlike times long ago when apprentices would complain to their masters about having to eat salmon every day, salmon today has a high commercial value. Like […]


  Welcome to our new fly fishing blog, a single resource for all things fly fishing related. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Preparation for Show time

I’m away to the Rutland Spring show tomorrow so sitting tying to decide what techniques to show.  Semperfli will be the basis of the patterns. Hope to see some of you during the day.

Leeds Branch FDG – 29 Feb 2012

Leeds branch tying evening patterns include: Holographic Blue and Green Bottle Halfback Iron Blue. Beginners fly is the Col Downmans Fancy.   Start at 7:30pm, all welcome. The Old Modernians,  Cookridge,  Leeds, LS16 7ND Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Leeds FDG Branch – 15th Feb 2012

Leeds Branch of the FDG Wednesday (15th Feb) patterns include: CDC Caddis, Midnight Fly, & Parakites Imperial. All welcome Leeds Branch of the FDG Wednesday patterns include:CDC Caddis,Midnight Fly, &Parakites Imperial. All welcome Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Loch Duich & Loch Alsh (Scottish Highlands)

I have the opportunity to fish Loch Duich, Loch Alsh and surrounding Rivers and Coastline this coming June. Has anyone fished it recently? I would appreciate any hints/tips you are prepared to share… Flies, Rigs, Techniques, Location etc..  ? I have googled and the only information i can find on LochDuich fishing is this Legend…….. […]


Well with more than a dusting of snow, what to do tomorrow…. I know, dig the car out and then tie some flies, but what patterns? Carrie Stevens  Streamer hooks sitting on the tying desk beckon. What will everyone else be tying? Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint

Tips On Fly Leaders – More Important Than Your Fly Rod Yet Often Overlooked

Fly Leaders are the most important piece of tackle there is yet is is not thought about enough! So when Umpqua Feather Merchants launched one of the hottest fly fishing tippets we have ever seen we have been desperate for stock. We took our Red Hot Tapered leaders, played with them and loved the results.  […]

Summer Sale!

Just to let our Essential Fly bloggers know that we have today lauched our summer sale*!  Time to bag yourself a bargain and take advantage of the discount! Flies, leaders, tackle, lines – all products are eligible under the discount.  Time for some new gear maybe?  Go on treat yourself…..get to the site today *Minimum […]

Truly International

We are delighted to have customers from all around the world.  For us at The Essential Fly, it feels like we travel the world every day!  Just a quick look around the site to see who is on just now showed customers actively on the site now from, UK, Ireland, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, […]

Tip – an easy way to learn or practice your casting technique!

Tip – an easy way to learn or practice your casting technique!  On a sunny day, practice your fly casting in the bright sun. Stand in such a way that you can see your own shadow (ie the sun is to the side of you). Then start casting and watch your shadow. Whilst this may […]

10% Discount On Fly Fishing Flies

There is an Independence sale running from Monday 4th July to midnight Thursday 7th July where you can get 10% discount with a minimum spend of £15 on fly fishing flies at This is on all trout flies, salmon flies, grayling flies, saltwater flies and pike flies. Share this With Other Fly Fishermen:FacebookStumbleUponRedditPrint