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The Victorians and Fly Fishing 6

The 1890s were the high water mark in the world of fly fishing, in particular the ultimate in traditional “fully-dressed” salmon fly design. Influenced by George Kelson, John Traherne and others, some tyers made spectacular creations of fur and feather were tied. Their exuberant reflected the confidence of the Victorians. And there was an incredible […]

The Victorians and Fly Fishing 5

Fly fishing with horsehair lines began to die out after the 1860’s, although there were some who still preferred the material even decades later. What brought about the inevitable demise of horsehair was the difficulty in making long lines out of it. Anglers no longer used thirty or forty yard lengths of line and just […]

The Victorians and Fly Fishing 4

The 1890s was a cathartic decade for fly fishing. George Kelson set out to determine exactly how improvements might be made to reels. The firm which continued the design of his reel was Farlow and Co., Ltd. Kelson’s reel later marketed as the “Patent Lever Winch”. The other great reel of the era was Hardy’s […]

The Victorians and Fly Fishing 3

The 19th century’s contribution to fly fishing were many, but one of the most important was improvements in reel design. These improvements were spurred on by a new generation of tackle dealers into the market. Firms like Eaton and Farlow concentrated on reel design and they were key to the improvements that would be made […]

The Victorians and Fly Fishing 2

Fly fishing was undergoing major changes in Victorian times. In 1857 a young Scotsman called Stewart advocated upstream wet fly fishing with “a light stiff, single-handed rod, about ten feet long.” Here, then, we have the discovery of the false-cast, and the beginnings of dry fly fishing. It also launched the trend towards shorter trout […]

Fishing Tackle 18th Century Style 8

By the beginning of the 18th century, new production methods meant fly fishing tackle was more readily available, and shop bought lines were in great demand. But the tackle makers weren’t always up to the mark: some lines tapered too sharply, others were too thick, and the cheapest lines rotted quickly. Most lines were made […]

Fishing Tackle 18th Century Style 5

In the evolution of fly fishing tackle, the first half of the 19th century was notable for the emergence of the winged wet fly emerged. The period also marked the first stage in the evolution of the fully-dressed salmon fly. Like other endeavours, such as in science and industry, this was also a period for […]

Fishing Tackle 18th Century Style 3

In the last half of the 18th century, there came a very problematic development in fly fishing tackle, namely the multiplying reel. The appearance of the multiplier so early in the history of the fly reel sentenced anglers to a century of misery. It seems the multiplier arrived on the market round about 1750, as […]

Fly Fishing Argentina 12

Be sure to pack trout lures, and a good selection of trout dry flies if you ever get to Argentina’s Rio Malleo and Rio Traful. The Malleo begins at Lago Tromen and wends southeast for 35 miles before it flows into the Rio Aluminé. The waters can be either fast moving or to tranquil and […]

Fly Fishing Argentina 8

Lago Menendez is one of the most remote lakes in the National Park and offers wonderful scenery, and a fly fishing expedition will take you to eager trout that readily take a dry fly.  You will be fishing under Torcillas Glacier, and you will catch sight of the rare Alerces Tree here.  It is a […]

Fly Fishing Argentina 7

You’ve probably gathered that fly fishing in Argentina is a big subject (true also for many other countries, but for now we’re keeping the focus on a single continent). The Carrileufu River originates just outside the Los Alerces National Park, flowing through its northern border. Renowned for its landlocked Atlantic salmon, the river also holds […]

Fly Fishing Canada 2

There are endless opportunities for great fly fishing in Canada. If you enjoy going after salmon you could do worse than head for the famous Gaspe Peninsula, which offers incomparable Atlantic salmon fishing. The area boasts three excellent Atlantic salmon Rivers from June until September. The Bonaventure, for example, is renowned for its clear waters […]

Fly Fishing in Russia 2

Some more now on fly fishing on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula. Most locals earn their livelihood through fishing, both legally and illegally. Fishing has been a way of life here for thousands of years, though the methods have changed over time. The most common method is net fishing at the mouth of the rivers and in […]

Fly Fishing in Croatia 2

As we mentioned before, many of Croatia’s rivers are not particularly well known in the international fly fishing community, though that situation is starting to change. This time we’ll say a few words about one of the rivers worth checking out. The river Kupa has its source in a limestone well, located within the Risnjak […]

Fly Fishing Etiquette 3

In the brotherhood and sisterhood of fly fishing, observing the rules of etiquette you may find yourself provided with all sorts of useful information by fellow anglers. Where salmon have been seen, what that guy with last week’s impressive haul was catching it on, and much more. Etiquette cuts both ways, and meeting fellow anglers […]

Fly fishing in Bulgaria: 4

As if you’re not spoiled for choice when fly fishing in Bulgaria’s rivers, there are hundreds of lakes available to you as well. Most of them are small, but the best ones for trout fishing are situated in the Rila and Pirin mountains. These mountains are truly stunning, and the whole environment makes their lakes […]

Saltwater fly fishing

You will probably notice that the majority of our fly fishing blogs are about fly fishing in rivers and lakes, although we have touched on other environments like the sea from time to time as well. Indeed you may prefer saltwater to freshwater fishing, or you might enjoy a mixture of both. In any case, […]

Drying fly fishing flies

An aspect of fly fishing that isn’t always given much attention is what happens to the fly once you’ve caught and landed you fish. The fly may no longer float well. But you can dry them sometimes and made to float again by “false” casting by casting the fly back and forth in the air. […]

Casting in fly fishing: 4

In fly fishing, a great number of special casts are meant to evade problems like trees behind the angler (roll cast), the pulling of the line on the fly by the action of the stream, or to make the fly land more softly. Here are a couple more: Reach casting involves casting the fly over […]